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Meet the Teen Advisory Board!

The Teen Advisory Board has provided a unique perspective on teen suicide prevention and other teen emotional health issues for the Alamo Area Teen Suicide Prevention Coalition. 

As we refresh our Coalition, we are exploring how to best involve youth from across the community. Stay tuned for more information!


Activities could include: community, church and school awareness events, social media participation, presentations, developing materials, having input to the website, videos etc.


RACHEL, Teen Advisory Board

I know that the more people we educate about the realities of mental health/suicide, the less they would ostracize those who suffer from such issues. My hope for the future is that I can continue to make positive, local grassroots changes in mental health here in San Antonio through the Alamo Area Teen Suicide Prevention Coalition while also helping rural places like my small village in India become more educated on suicide and mental health.

MATHEW, Teen Advisory Board


Being part of the Alamo Area Teen Suicide Prevention Coalition means that I  am able to promote and educate others around me and in my community. My experience with a loved one who struggles has lead me to  be an advocate for teen suicide prevention and has influenced me to take a stand against the stigma. 

ERICA, Teen Advisory Board

I've witness the struggle and impact of suicide in my community. As a teen in an age of technology and unprecedented connecting with other teens, I have watched new ways people are showing signs of depression and new ways people are hurting other people. I am happy to be raised in a time where teens are taking action to speak their opinions are issues. We need to stand up for our peers who do not feel they have a voice. 

Helpful Links:

National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline 988


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


Texas Suicide Prevention initiative

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