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Suicide Prevention Resources: Youth and College/Young Adult Focused


Youth Focused

Mind your Mind                                                                                       

A Non-Profit dedicated to providing reliable information for youth dealing with depression, anxiety, and suicide. The site contains youth-specific resources, tips for coping with mental illness issues, and the personal stories of youth who have experienced and overcome these issues.


Youth/Young Adult Focused

Half of Us (MTV)                                                                               

Through Half of Us (MTV) aims to initiate a public dialogue to raise awareness about the prevalence of mental health issues and connect students to the appropriate resources to get help.


Youth Focused

Save a Friend: Tips for Teens to Prevent Suicide                                   

Learn the warning signs of suicide and how to prevent it.


Youth Focused

Light for Life Program                                                                                    

A community based, volunteer organization developed to serve youth and the communities that surround them, and to address youth/teen suicide through public awareness, education and training to help communities build new and/or strengthen existing programs.

Youth/College Students

Learn Psychology                                                                            

This guide is dedicated to helping those who are suffering or have suffered from depression, suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts. It is also designed for concerned friends and family members who might be worried that someone they love will experience death by suicide. Finally, it is meant for students, so that they might spot the warning signs of suicide in others – or in themselves – and find resources.




Call 911 or take the person to the E.R. or walk-in clinic at a hospital. Do not leave the person until help is available.





"Feelings of sadness or hopelessness, often accompanied by anxiety."

"Declining school performance. Loss of pleasure/interest in social and sports activities. Sleeping too little or too much."

"Major changes in weight or appetite. Inability to concentrate or think clearly. Withdrawal from friends and family and no desire to go out."

"Talking about 'going away', killing oneself, being a burden to others, feeling trapped or in unbearable pain."


"Giving away favorite possessions. Suddenly very happy and cheerful moods after being depressed or sad for a long time."

For more information and warning sings, please visit: 

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